Seek, Soak, Say.

Seek God, obtain confidence and courage...

Soak in God's presence, what is he telling you?

Say it out loud in an atmosphere you can be held accountable

Take a deep dive and Implement with support nearby!

Seek God

To seek the Lord means to turn to God, to desire to be in a relationship with him, and to come into his presence for fulfillment, strength and help. When Christians talk about seeking God, they usually mean they are seeking the experience of God’s presence. He invites believers to draw near to him in trust, dependence, and worship so that he might reveal even more of himself. The Bible assures us, “If you seek him, he will be found by you.”  He rewards those who seek him, and the greatest reward of all is relationship with God himself. 


Finally, in all of our seeking we must remember that the search is not one-sided.

God is seeking us with more diligence and desire than we could ever display in seeking him.

Soak in His presence

Get quiet and comfortable. Soaking is about resting!

Play some relaxing worship music, without words so that you have the freedom to

focus on what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Welcome the Holy Spirit by simply praying, “I welcome you Holy Spirit.”

It doesn’t need to be longer or fancier than that. In Matthew 7, Jesus reminds us that God is a kind father who gives good gifts! He’s ready and waiting to give you what you need. Get rid of distractions. Put your phone on silent, close your laptop, go to a room where there’s not a pile of laundry to fold. You’ll know what distracts you, and you’ll get better at removing those distractions the more you soak. Some find it helpful to keep a notepad nearby and makes a list of everything that comes into her head - that way she’s got a note of anything she might need to remember for later. Listen to what God has to say  - God might speak to you through words, pictures, memories, or Bible verses. Some experienced soakers suggest that your mind won’t fully switch off until you’ve been resting for 15 minutes. In the School of Ministry, Toronto, the weekly soaking session is just shy of two hours long. Some people take one song at a time. Let yourself be led by the Holy Spirit. It will take time to build up stamina, but practice always helps!​

Say it out loud!

Say it out loud in the atmosphere, and be held accountable.

Strategize a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall change!

Take a deep dive and Implement!

When we are intentional to disconnect, Soak in his presence, and listen to what he has to say; he is able to provide the strategy. Which can help guide the decision-making process for hiring and resource allocation. A business strategy helps different departments work together, ensuring departmental decisions support the overall direction of the company.

Remember, if you are operating out of your gifting- God definitely holds the blueprint to your success, so who better to go to for guidance than the author and illustrator himself!

Seek, Soak, Say puts clarity in action by allowing you the space to not only cast vision, but to lean on the support of key business specialists who are in person and on stand by to help answer any question you may have, or to help you talk out any obstacle, idea, or objection.

After this 1 day event, you will be part of an accountability group to help keep you

encouraged on your way to reaching your next set of goals and have the option to add

additional business support wherever you feel you may need it most.

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