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Melody has 20+ years of Business, Sales, and Customer Relations experience specializing in sales strategy, profitability, diversity inclusion, and client acquisition.

She helps clients build relationships make connections and convert conversations into collaborative partnerships and sales.

I am a PK “Preachers Kid” from the south.

Growing up I knew I was called to help people generate and create wealth but it was taboo to talk money and Lord knows making a lot of it was out of the question.


Believing that foolishness had me sabotaging my success and the success of others. I allowed others to shrink, use holiness and humility as an excuse to stay stagnant, stuck, and living below their means...


Until one day I realized that broke people can’t bless people, and I started owning my truth.


BUT enough about that: I am a Jesus lover, wife of 10 years and counting, mother of a 2-year-old (we done!), business, basketball, beaches, and the bible are my jam.


I help Women Faith-Based Believers become R.E.A.L {Real, Empowered, Authentic, Leaders} by rewiring their money mindset, establishing their worth, charging more, and generating more money than they ever have before doing what they love.

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A safe place for high achieving professionals, pastors, ministry leaders, busy moms, or any other woman who wears many hats...

To take intentional time to disconnect to reconnect, realign, refocus and rejoice with God and like-minded women all over the world in unique, exclusive, private environments.

These 4 day All Inclusive weekend experiences offer women the chance to "turn off" the day to day noise and be RAW (Real Authentic Women), in a safe place where real connections are made, fun happens, true transformation transpires, businesses blossom, self-reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation occurs. 

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Seek, Soak, Say.

Seek God, obtain confidence and courage...

Soak in God's presence, what is he telling you?

Say it out loud in an atmosphere you can be held accountable

Take a deep dive and Implement with support nearby!

Incredible things happen when we take intentional time to disconnect and seek out what it is God is calling you towards. Spending time soaking in His presence listening to each word, and receiving each download, can position you for an incredible momentum of change!

Seek, Soak, Say is a single day opportunity that combines business and faith in a practical way by implementing accountability and creating a space for you to begin planning and implementing the changes you need to make.

Upon leaving, you will have a solid road map to where you are headed next along with the accountability plan to help hold you accountable along the way, in addition to having already checked off the first few items on your list of to-dos!

Meals with Melody

If you know Melody, I mean really know Melody,  you know she thoroughly enjoy great meals.

It's one of her favorite things to do with friends and family. 

It rejuvenates in ways that are truly unimaginable.

Colliding it with business + faith makes it even more powerful!

These rich and intimate, 2-hour experiences are available to no more than 12 women,

4 times per year and are located in and around the Charlotte, NC Area.

Meals with Melody is a place to connect and communicate

with R.E.A.L {Real Empowered Authentic Women}

and spark the beginning of something NEW!

Drop your email below and be the first to find out when tickets go for upcoming events!

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Work with Melody...

Financial Literacy

 Financial literacy is the foundation of your relationship with money, and it is a lifelong journey of learning. The earlier you start, the better off you will be, because education is the key to success when it comes to money.

Melody is available to assist with financial literacy in a multitude of areas including:

   -Money Mindset

   -Credit Repair

   -Investment Opportunities

Speaking Engagements

Find out where Melody is speaking, and find out more information about requesting her to speak at your event!

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